Handbook for Educating in SCP

The Handbook for Educating on Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) developed by CP/RAC is designed to raise awareness and educate Mediterranean civil society on SCP. The handbook is addressed to school teachers and educators, NGOs, and other civil society organizations. The activities in the Handbook are designed to facilitate reflection on the causes, consequences and implications of the relations of production and consumption, to acquire ability to evaluate different alternatives and to encourage changes in consumption attitudes and behaviours towards consumption. The Handbook was developed based on the lack of specific training material on SCP for Mediterranean educators and the experience from 2 workshops for young leaders from the Centre for Cooperation in the Mediterranean of Red Cross in Morocco and Tunisia to which CP/RAC and UNEP/DTIE participated as trainers. School teachers from Almeria, Spain, have already been trained on the Handbook, within CP/RAC’s participation in the PAP/RAC’s CAMP Project developed in that Spanish province.

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English, French and Spanish version available (PDF).