Can Sustainable Consumption protect the Mediterranean landscape?

Author: Rami Zurayk. In this chapter of a report the author outlines the relationship between agrifood production and consumption models and the impact on the landscape in the Mediterranean countries. He argues that the fact that organic farming is inserted into the market logic may be unfavourable for the preservation of the landscape and natural sites.

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Responsible Consumption, by Roberto Burdese

Autor: Roberto Burdese

In this report the author gives an overview of the state of affairs in consumer associations in the Mediterranean area and provides a critical analysis of what use traditional mechanisms for action are today through consumption and opens the door to reflection on new spaces and actions developed through consumption for a more sustainable agrifood model.

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State of the Mediterranean Marine and Coastal Environment

Through the Mediterranean Action Plan , the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has released a report analysing the state of marine biodiversity in the Mediterranean Sea. (Fish).

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