What’s Mine is Yours

This dynamic video promoted by Rachel Botsman shows how consumption is being reinvented to give more value to the use of things and not to ownership, because sharing is living. Collaborative consumption as a transformation tool.


The Story of Stuff

This video brings us The Story of Stuff Project and now has over two million views on YouTube. Annie Leonard shows us, in an educational way, the impacts our production and consumption model has throughout the whole cycle, from raw materials to waste.


Cámbiate la bombilla (Catalan, Spanish subtitles):

This video is a joint project of the Centre for Consumer Research and Information (www.opcions.org) and the Regional Activity Centre for Cleaner Production (www.cprac.org). In seven minutes we walk you through the proposal of conscious consumption, and ask ourselves some questions: What is consumption’s capacity for change? Is it easy to be a sustainable consumer today? (más…)