Stain removal made easy!

Stains are a real nuisance when you wash clothes. Sometimes they are still there when you take clothes out of the washing machine. But a lot of them can be removed by using a simple method. It’s also easy to save half the detergent you normally use.

The appearance of the washing machine was a major change in the history of mankind, or perhaps we should say womankind. But it has certain shortcomings. For example, there are stains that washing machines cannot remove.


Clothes with a 100% off

How to set up a free shop

Author: Sincoste free shop volunteer group (Madrid)

I’m going clothes shopping but this time I don’t need to take any money. Hold on, I’ll just take this jacket that doesn’t fit me anymore.

Why a free shop?

In 2007, Inditex (Pull and Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Zara Home, etc.) had 3,691 shops in 68 different countries. They have succeeded in standardising a sales model in which clothes are constantly renewed (Zara sends new models to its shops twice a week and garments are designed, produced and distributed in only three weeks). What is the secret of this and other big businesses in the sector? Constantly changing outsourcing enables them to produce textiles with virtually no legal or environmental restrictions at unbelievably low prices in China, Indonesia, Morocco and Mexico.