Take care! You may be using it without knowing!

Don’t waste electricity!

The number of electric appliances we have at home is increasing all the time. They all consume power when we use them. But some also use electricity when they are not in use. Multiply all these small ‘leaks’ by the number of homes and an enormous amount of power is wasted. If you organise the way you plug appliances in and change certain habits you can reduce this waste without inconvenience.

In a normal home you can find around twenty appliances that consume power when you aren’t using them. The International Energy Agency estimates that this ‘hidden’ consumption may account for 5-10% of all household power consumption.[1] In the first table you can see what types of appliance consume power in this way and why.The power consumed per appliance is very little, but, as there are so many, the total is considerable. Some examples can be seen in the second table. (más…)