Smart Consumption in the Mediterranean

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Keep this in mind!

Food consumption is such an everyday event and so important in making people feel good that it is an ideal test area. We can progressively introduce changes in the way we eat so that our eating habits become healthier, more sustainable and fairer.

It is important to bear in mind that the most widely used agri-food model is not currently capable of providing healthy, good-quality food. Nor can it establish models for production, distribution and consumption which are respectful of people and the environment (in some cases it has a serius impact on them). Fortunately, you can choose to consume local, ecological and seasonal produce. In the List of products you will find consumer guides for various products.

Some questions we can ask ourselves:


What kinds of food do I eat and why?

Why do I eat frozen food every night? Why do I drink sweetened canned drinks? Do I need to eat meat every day?

We can eat more fresh food and less prepared and precooked food, reduce the amount of meat in our diets, eat seasonal fruit and vegetables and spend time on cooking and our relationship with food.


Where does it come from and how is it produced?

Where do the frozen prawns that have become so cheap come from? Is it true that the meat I eat may be from animals fattened with genetically modified animal feed?

We should opt for food which is not intensively farmed but local, ecological and from known producers who are keeping the rural world alive.


Who brings us our food and where do we buy it?

What is hidden behind that well-known brand? And supermarkets. Do they deal fairly with producers and suppliers? Where does the farmer stand in the competition between major brands?

We should try to avoid consuming products from companies whose ethical standards are dubious. Unfortunately, in the agri-food sector there are plenty in both production and distribution. We should promote a model on a local scale: consumer groups and cooperatives, markets, small shops, small and medium-sized local businesses, direct purchasing from farmers, etc.


How can I make food last longer and take full advantage of it?

Can I preserve fruit which is going off? Can dry bread be made into flour? Is it difficult to make a home composter on your balcony?