Smart Consumption in the Mediterranean

» Waste management

Keep this in mind!

In a society where the volume of material goods in circulation is constantly increasing, the way in which we treat waste becomes a basic issue because of the negative impact bad waste management can have. As in so many areas of our day to day lives, we can change our attitude and get used to producing as little waste as possible.

We should remember that the problems associated with the production of waste can be very serious, both for the environment and for people’s health and wellbeing (click here to see an example).

Some questions we can ask ourselves:


How much packaging and other material can I do without?

Do I need to have coffee in a disposable cup or can I use a cup of my own? What use is all the free publicity I find in my letter box or am given in the street? What’s the point of collecting plastic bags I will never use?

An amazing amount of different materials pass through our hands and quickly become waste. We should avoid buying products with too much packaging and use our own bags or shopping trolleys whenever possible. We shouldn’t accept unsolicited publicity material. Rid your life of plastic!


Do I deal correctly with household waste?

Do I separate waste carefully to facilitate recycling? Can I reuse waste items instead of sending them to be recycled?

If the first R is for ‘reduce’, then ‘reuse’ and ‘recycle’ are not far behind. If we think of household waste as a resource, we are sure to find creative ways to use it (for decoration or home composting). For all other waste, separation and recycling are important.