The basis for making your own toothpaste is to use clay as an abrasive and whitening agents such as bicarbonate or salt. The texture of the toothpaste must be very fine so that it does not destroy the enamel.


You make an infusion with the rosemary, mint and sage. Then, proceed to cut a whole branch from the aloe plant (an external branch) with a knife, open it longitudinally and take out the aspic with a teaspoon. Afterwards, crush the aspic with a mortar and add it to the infusion.Start pouring the green clay to the mixture slowly until you obtain the toothpaste. You can also add myrrh to it after boiling in water for two minutes.

Make sure you put the toothpaste in a jar that is well sealed so that it does not dry up. If for any reason it does dry you can add water to it but be aware that it will lose
its taste.