Ingredients and material needed


-          Half liter of used olive oil. We can leak it, for instance, with a stocking, but it is not necessary.

-          Half liter of water.

-          85 grams of caustic soja, which we can find in drugstores.

-          A plastic bucket.

-          A box to be used as a mold. It can be plastic or carton (for instance, a shoe box) covered with plastic.

-          A wooden stick or an electrical blender to mix.

-          Plastic or rubber gloves.





This recipee must be done in the open air. We will have to spend a few moments of the day and a few of the day after. If it is summer and it is very warm, we will have to keep the paste in the fridge.


-          Add the water to the bucket, wearing the gloves so that we don�t touch the soda with our hands, and we will add it slowly to the water. Mix slowly, being careful not to spatter (especially in the eyes!). When the soda is dissolved, we will let the mix cool down, because the soda will have warmed the water up. Ideally, it should have the same temperature as the oil.

-          Add the oil to the mix slowly, mixing without stopping and always towards the same direction, until we obtain a doughy and smooth mass; that will happen after half an hour to 45 minutes. We can mix with the stick or with the blender, in which case 10 minutes will be enough.

-          We will mix it a few more times during the day (a couple only if we do it with a blender), bringing the liquid from the bottom to the surface.

-          As soon as the paste starts to get thick, we will add it to the mold, distributing it so that it covers the whole box.

-          We will leave it to rest one night, or two if it�s not too cold.

-          We will cut the bars and leave them to settle for a whole month, and we will keep them in an open space.

-          And we can already use it to wash our clothes (it can really eliminate fat stains!). We do not recommend to use it as a body soap since the Ph might be inadequate for our skin.