Libraries facilitate free and universal access to books. They generally have a section of reference books in different fields of knowledge, one of children books and another one of youth books, one of literature and a field of books about the neighbourhood or the region where they are situated. The type of content varies according to the size of the municipality, but in general any library can use a book that is in another library, sometimes paying a small amount of money.


Apart from allowing us to read or to borrow books, the majority of libraries offer other free services:


-          To give us the possibility to read or borrow day magazines and newspapers out of a wide range and, usually, also those of previous days. In addition, more and more libraries include sections of videos and music.

-          Access to the internet, computers and multimedia materials to study (for instance, languages).

-          Information service: one of the tasks of a librarian is to answer any question that we may have, from how to get rid of a fruit stain to how to prepare a trip. And the books on the subjects that we are looking for will be located.


Libraries organize cultural acts related to reading such as forums about books or literacy courses for adults.