What do publishers need to consider in order to give visibility to a book?


A big quantity of new books are published every day, fighting to catch our attention. But how do they do that?


-          With a cover that attracts our attention and big-sized books.

-          With a visible presence of outlets, ideally on the tables of latest publications. It is said that some people pay for the bookstores to keep those recommended.

-          The lists of the best sellers published in certain newspapers are drawn up out of those present in certain outlets. Many people in the sector state that the bookstores are manipulated for commercial interests.

-          Winning a prize encourages the sales of a book. In Spain, 3,000 prizes are granted every year.

-          A strip that includes �22nd edition� gives us the idea that it is a book that had a lot of success. But this can also come with a trick: a shorter print run than the foreseeable can be made because it may need a second edition soon.

-          We act according to fashion and we like current events.

-          Promotion in the media. It is not easy to catch the attention of the reporters in the chaos of daily presentations, but many state media and the main publishing houses belong to the same business conglomerates; this influences what is being published.